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Monday, November 07, 2005

Million Dollar Ideas - Friendships Priceless

I am sitting in the Dallas Airport, creating my first blog post in months! I have just been through one of the most intense seminars of my career, The Glazer- Kennedy Inner Circle Information Marketing Summit. There are so many reasons this seminar was so valuable to me. First is the information I am bringing back to uplevel my business and teach to my clients so that they too can dramatically increase their profits. I also had the opportunity to meet and socialize (this is business code for martini’s in the hotel bar -okay, a girl has to have fun too!) with some of the top information markers in the world – most of whom are pulling well into the 7 figures a year. Ron Caruthers’s kept me laughing all night and so did Scott “Cowboy Tex” Tucker, two of Dan’s VIP program participants. I also had the opportunity to spend some time socializing with Dan Kennedy (www.dankennedy.com), the leader of the conference and a marketing guru who always sends me to the moon with new ideas and strategies. But most importantly were the great experiences I had in Texas with my fellow speakers and friends like Melanie Strick (www.unstoppablegoals.com), Alexandria Brown (www.ezinequeen.com), Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (www.red-hot-copy.com), James Malinchak, (www.malinchak.com), Mitch Carson, (www.mitchcarson.com), and Michele Pariza Wacek (www.writingusa.com). I have always said it and it still holds to be true that when you surround yourself with a group of exceptionally brilliant individuals are striving toward the same goal of creating a highly profitable business that gives you the freedom to do what you love, magic happens in an unbelievable way. I left with several new ideas to serve my clients, several partnerships, a ton of prospects and amazing memories. I can’t wait to do it again at Dan Kennedy’s Super Conference in 2006!