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Monday, February 06, 2006

How does a Marketing Expert enjoy the SuperBowl? With Tivo.

I LOVE the SuperBowl. All hail the mighty TIVO. Give me a martini and some sushi and I am good to go!

I'll be honest. I didn't even know who was playing the Superbowl and quite frankly, I don't really care. All I saw was Yellow and Blue uniforms. Nice color combination if you ask me. I am way more interested to see what the big ad firms have been pulling their hair out over for the last six months to unleash their creative genius. And folks - they have done it again.

I can now become an official case study of the affects of advertising on consumers. Let me explain.

Prior to the SuperBowl I never really liked beer. I However, after the sheer brilliance of the ad campaigns this year I have to say - I feel like I need to give Bud Light a try. At least show my support by buying some to keep in the fridge for guests.

I must also say - UPS who? Fed Ex won my loyalty after commercial made me nearly shoot seltzer water through my nose. They get my vote and my Mastercard.... Priceless.

If you are looking for creative ways to spice up your marketing, watch the SuperBowl of Advertising for amazing ideas. Look in magazines for story ideas. Think outside the norm. Customers reward genius.

You can find all the SuperBowl commercials here: http://video.google.com/superbowl.html

Teleseminar Secrets Revealed: Learn How To Make Big Money With Teleseminars

Teleseminar Secrets Revealed:
How to Make Big Money with Teleseminars

Thursday, February 9, 2006
Noon – 1:30 PM PST

Can't Make It ? Don't Worry - We are Recording It!

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Advanced marketers know that teleseminars are a fantastic way to share your knowledge, deliver value to your customers and make big money - all while sitting in the comfort of your office or maybe even your pajamas.

My good friend Dan Janal is February’s FastTrack Business Mastery Expert and is joining us to share how you can make over $50,000 a year producing your own teleseminars.

Dan is going to share with our FastTrack Business Mastery members the many secrets he uses to get bigtime results including:

· How to price your seminar to gain maximum participation
· How to select the best date and time to hold your calls
· Promotion strategies for getting people on your call
· Topics that pull big bucks and your audience will love
· And much more….

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The Fast Track Business Mastery Program

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- Access to Business Mastery Yahoo Group and Private Online Community to Promote Your Business and Find Valuable Low-Cost Resources

Can’t Make It – Don’t Worry – Everything Is Recorded. Simply sign up and you will receive the CD in the mail along with the tip sheet and access to the PDF.

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About Dan Janal

Dan Janal is president and founder of Great Teleseminars Audio Production Company www.greatteleseminars.com , a complete one-stop shopping solution for coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers and authors who want to generate higher revenues from conducting teleseminars and teleclasses. Great Teleseminars is a complete and reliable source for recording, production and administration for conducting your teleconferences. Established 3 years ago, Great Teleseminars has produced over 500 seminars on various issues including sales training, publicity, leadership management, personal finance and healthcare.

Dan has been called the Larry King of Teleseminars, and has helped numerous clients reach six figure incomes from producing effective teleconferences. He has conducted more than 100 teleseminars and has turned them into hundreds of ebooks, audio books and CDs products. He has spoken every where from Beijing to Budapest and has taught at Berkeley and Stanford.

USA TODAY called Dan "a true Internet marketing pioneer." He was on the PR team that launched America Online more than 20 years ago and worked with Steve Case.

Dan is a multi-preneur who also founded PR Leads www.prleads.com , a publicity service that helps experts get the publicity they need to help build their credibility in order to sell more books, products and services.

Kelly O'Neil
Chief Strategy Office

P.S. Call: 408.615.8150 or submit your request via email now to schedule your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session with a trained UpLevel Action Strategist.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Business & Marketing Strategy Experts for Small Business

I am a huge believer in letting experts do their expert work. Why? Because when you do, it creates expert results! That is why I assembled my all-star team of experts - the people that actually work on my business - to come and teach at my UpLevel Your Game Plan Intensive (www.uplevelintensive.com) February 17-19, 2005.

I would never dream of attempting to design or code my website. It would take me 8 times as long as my designer and end up looking mediocre. Sure I can write - in fact, pretty well. But, I trust my copywriter to draft a sales letter that is going to convert much better than I ever would and much faster too.

The bottom line is....it may cost you a few extra bucks up front to hire an expert to get the job done, but it will get done right the first time and more likely than not be a good return on your investment.

If you want to meet my experts, sign up for my teleclass series below.....it's FREE.

Welcome to one of the most exciting and informative teleseminar series you will attend this year! This is the one of several in a series of UpLevel Your Game Teleclasses leading up to the amazing intensive on February 17-19, 2005. To learn more, please visit www.uplevelintensive.com. HURRY! - Seats are going quickly and the Early Bird Discount ($250.00 off your Registration) is ending January 20, 2005.

Register for the Teleclass Series at:

(If you have trouble registering, clear your cookies and try again or email info@uplevelintensive.com)

I have designed this intensive with the entrepreneur in mind including inviting in my personal team of experts who has helped me build my business to the level of success that it is today! Each of these experts will be on hand to give you one-on-one consulting during the event.

Even if you aren't able to attend, we are so glad that you are joining us to learn about their area of expertise and take your business to the next level!

Included in the Experts are:

Michelle "PW" Pariza Wacek, Copywriter
Erin Ferree, Brand Management
Marc Harty, Internet Marketing
Melanie Benson Strick, Entrepreneur Success Coach
Randy Peyser, Editor and Book Coach
Shirin Oreizy, Pay Per Click
Steven Allen, Incorporation and Tax Strategist
Beth Schneider, Systems Strategist
Audrey Hagen, Event Planner
Ian Rich, Product Creation
Erika Taylor, Public Relations

Please note the call in number will be emailed to you separately for each call.

Congratulations on taking a huge step toward driving tons of prospects your way!!

Kelly O'Neil
Chief Strategy Office

P.S. Call: 408.615.8150 or submit your request via email now to schedule your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session with a trained UpLevel Action Strategist.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in California

Jackson, Riley and Samantha O'Neil - My "Fur Kids"

Wow, what a year 2005 was at UpLevel Strategies and for me personally! Looking back at everything, I am extremely proud at the accomplishments of every single one of my clients as well as the rate at which my company has grown. In 2005, I was able to help well over 5000 entrepreneurs take their business to the next level and that feels amazing! In 2006, my goal is to support 10,000 entrepreneurs in their success and I have a strategic plan to accomplish that goal. Speaking of, I found a great quote I would love to share:

STRATEGY is; A style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate process, an intensive implementation system, the science of insuring FUTURE SUCCESS.” P. Johnson

Personally, I had a big year as well. I moved from San Jose to my home town of Los Gatos, which I absolutely adore, with my three fur kids Samantha, Jackson and Riley. I love the quaint atmosphere of Los Gatos and the fact that I can walk to downtown in mere minutes to my favorite coffee house or to hike the Lexington Trail which is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. I have also started working out with Ultimate Outdoor Fitness which has been exhilarating. If you are going to run and do squats, there is nothing like doing it on a mountain trail overlooking a babbling brook in a group of supportive people. It is really breathtaking. I have also been spending time with friends – some old and many new. I am truly blessed to have each person in my life.

I am still working on my next two books – “Guerrilla Business Strategy” with Jay Conrad Levinson and my own personal memoir, “White Sheep Painted Black.” Both activities are keeping me quite busy and I love the creative process.

I look forward to connecting with you in the next year and hope that your holiday brings you all of the bliss that you deserve! 2006 is going to be a very prosperous year filled with exciting new opportunities and I hope to have the opportunity to support you in UpLeveling Your Business. Please don’t forget to take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Warm Holiday Wishes for you and your family,

PS. Don’t forget to check out the UpLevel Your Game Plan Intensive at www.uplevelintensive.com

Monday, November 07, 2005

Million Dollar Ideas - Friendships Priceless

I am sitting in the Dallas Airport, creating my first blog post in months! I have just been through one of the most intense seminars of my career, The Glazer- Kennedy Inner Circle Information Marketing Summit. There are so many reasons this seminar was so valuable to me. First is the information I am bringing back to uplevel my business and teach to my clients so that they too can dramatically increase their profits. I also had the opportunity to meet and socialize (this is business code for martini’s in the hotel bar -okay, a girl has to have fun too!) with some of the top information markers in the world – most of whom are pulling well into the 7 figures a year. Ron Caruthers’s kept me laughing all night and so did Scott “Cowboy Tex” Tucker, two of Dan’s VIP program participants. I also had the opportunity to spend some time socializing with Dan Kennedy (www.dankennedy.com), the leader of the conference and a marketing guru who always sends me to the moon with new ideas and strategies. But most importantly were the great experiences I had in Texas with my fellow speakers and friends like Melanie Strick (www.unstoppablegoals.com), Alexandria Brown (www.ezinequeen.com), Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (www.red-hot-copy.com), James Malinchak, (www.malinchak.com), Mitch Carson, (www.mitchcarson.com), and Michele Pariza Wacek (www.writingusa.com). I have always said it and it still holds to be true that when you surround yourself with a group of exceptionally brilliant individuals are striving toward the same goal of creating a highly profitable business that gives you the freedom to do what you love, magic happens in an unbelievable way. I left with several new ideas to serve my clients, several partnerships, a ton of prospects and amazing memories. I can’t wait to do it again at Dan Kennedy’s Super Conference in 2006!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

My First Blog Post

Good Morning,

This morning is my first blog posting ever. I have seen a ton of articles on blogging for small businesses and decided to publish one of my own!

My blog will be designed to give you an inside glimpse into my life - both personal and professional. Many of my clients say to me..."You make marketing and business management look so easy!" They forget that the reason it looks so easy is because I have taken many of the lumps and bumps early on in my career and I struggle with the same types of issue they do. Even though I am an expert in small business marketing and strategy, I still am an entrepreneur. I want to share my triumphs and my mistakes with you so that you can learn what to do and what not to do.

While I am extremely passionate about my business, I also have a personal life...well, sort of :) That is one of the things I am working on currently. I will share with you in my blog what I do outside of my business.

I look forward to your feedback and interaction with me regarding the blogs. If you would like to know how to set one up, give me a call and I will be happy to help.